How we have moved the dial for our clients:



We love this client! The team at Wulfchiptegnik have built an incredible automotive brand around their workshops in Cape Town and Johannesburg where they offer onboard software upgrades to improve performance and fuel efficiency, along with performance exhausts, downpipes, wheels and vehicle wraps. As a smaller business, they were doing their own advertising and social media, with great content and artwork, but weren’t happy with the results they were getting, and so they called us.

We quickly setup all the tracking and assets we needed to deploy a good lead driving performance advertising campaign and worked closely with the team to produce eye-catching artwork and powerful headlines and copy. We used the same conversion optimisation and remarketing techniques that the big brands and corporate advertisers use, but at a fraction of the cost to Wulfchiptegnik. We deployed an efficient Google Ads search campaign to compliment the Facebook advertising.

The results came quickly, with leads going from less than 50 a month to over 150 in just two months. In 12 months we generated 1 142 new leads from advertising at a cost per lead of R52, 80% than the R263 we were targeting. This was using a budget of less than R10 000 per month for fees and media. The client had these kind words to say about their experience:
“Since 2008, Wulfchiptegnik™ has been fortunate to grow organically year-on-year through managing our own Google AdWords and social media content plans to the best of our in-house capabilities. However, given the ever-changing digital landscape and increasing competition in our sector, we realised that we needed an expert to maximise our marketing budget and get decent return-on-investment each and every month. The days of 'winging it' ourselves and simply hoping to generate a few leads or likes were over.

Damian Hardy came incredibly highly recommended and, after a quick introductory call, it was clear to see why. The trait which struck us most was his honesty – not simply saying what he thinks you want to hear, as so many do, but instead clearly and honestly conveying what your business is doing well and, importantly, where it's missing the mark. As any business owner will tell you, this kind of feedback is invaluable.

From the minute we started working with Damian, he has transformed our online marketing strategy and digital presence through an excellent understanding of what we offer and exactly who our target customer is. Not only have our enquiries tripled as a result, but it's also given us immense peace of mind and confidence to know that our marketing budget is being spent as best as it possibly can be. For anyone seeking to elevate their business, I can't recommend Damian's services enough – integrity, unparalleled work ethic, and at the top of his game.”

- Charl Du Plessis, Co-founder & Marketing Director

Gia's Kitchen


Gia has a stunning home-based business preparing and delivering an amazing range of wholesome, home-style meals to families in Cape Town. Gia came to us at the beginning of 2020, wanting to get going with Google Search Ads. She was doing some great social media but wanted to target people searching for new meal options, especially during the lockdown period.

We put together best practice tracking and conversion optimisation that is essential for effective Search advertising and deployed carefully crafted advertising copy with strong, compelling headlines.

Within 4 months the new ads were generating 50 additional sales per month at a budget of less than R3000 spent on paid media. Over the last 12 months the ads have helped to generate over R900 000 online revenue with a Return On Ad Spend of 1037%!